Design-led wayfinding exemplified with a leaf motif manifestation at Brandon Primary School

Brandon Primary School

Education, Environmental Graphic Design

The original gilded external signage at Darlington Hippodrome

Darlington Hippodrome

Culture, Signage

Clearly visible design-led wayfinding, directing people to and around a swimming pool area

Gateshead BAAF

Sports and Leisure, Information Graphics

Dementia-friendly design-led wayfinding for integrated care hub, Haven Court

Haven Court

Living Spaces

Design-led wayfinding branded glass manifestations welcome guests to Hotel La Tour

Hotel La Tour

Living Spaces, Architectural Graphics

Design-led external wayfinding at Knop Law Primary School

Knop Law Primary School

Education, Environmental Graphic Design

Design-led wayfinding at Milecastle Primary School with bold coloured lettering

Milecastle Primary School

Education, Environmental Gaphic Design

Design-led wayfinding and signage brings personality and brand values to life for NHS England

NHS England

Workplace, Business Signs

Design-led wayfinding and signage at Palace Green Library, based on Durham University’s logo, corporate typefaces and colours

Palace Green Library

Culture, Education, Environmental Graphics

External signwriting at The Spetchells Centre in Prudhoe exemplifies design-led wayfinding

Spetchells Centre

Sport & Leisure, Information Graphics

Design-led wayfinding at St Benedict's Hospice encourages people to explore the beautiful grounds and seating areas

St. Benedict’s Hospice

Healthcare, Wayfinding

Design-led wayfinding defines each floor at award-winning Rochdale Sixth Form College

Rochdale Sixth Form College

Education, Environmental Graphics

Design-led wayfinding with high-quality, slimline LED illuminated signage at Rutherford Cancer Centre's Head Office in Newport, Wales

Rutherford Cancer Centres

Healthcare, Wayfinding

Design-led wayfinding at South Tyneside College helps people navigate the college's vast and complex site

South Tyneside College

Education, Environmental Graphics

Manifestation wayfinding for St Columba's Hospice

St Columba’s Hospice

Healthcare, Wayfinding

Design-led wayfinding and signage in the Bowes Museum foyer

The Bowes Museum

Culture, Signage

The Bruce Building

Living Spaces, Architectural Graphics

External entrance welcome sign to The Endeavour Unit

The Endeavour Unit

Healthcare, Wayfinding

A wayfinding sign showing directions within The Fire Station

The Fire Station

Culture, Signage

Design-led wayfinding at Walton Robinson with large format 3D logos in a silver finish

Walton Robinson

Workplace, Business Signs