We’re working with the design team at Bernard Interiors to develop the wayfinding for Audley Villages, a range of luxury retirement properties at 17 sites across the UK, from Devon to North Yorkshire.

CGI of Audley Villages | Cooper’s Hill House, by kind permission of Bernard Interiors

On beginning work with Audley Villages, Bernard Interiors identified an opportunity to upgrade the existing signage to be more in keeping with the high specification of the properties’ luxury interiors. We looked at a range of high-quality materials and finishes and considered the tone of voice to use through the scheme. To complement the printed glass signage at each location, we’ve sourced a bronze paint finish from Italian paint specialist, Lechler.

We are currently working on properties at Cooper’s Hill, Surrey and Stanbridge Earls in Hampshire, while three further locations in London, West Yorkshire and High Wycombe are at the design stage.