Last month we attended a seminar presented by Lesley Palmer, Chief Architect, Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling. The seminar introduced v2 of the Iridis app, “a digital tool to assess and audit dementia facilities, based upon extensive research carried out by the University of Stirling and The Dementia Services Development Centre.”

In his introduction, Rob Charlton, CEO of Space Group – who developed the app together with the university – said he could see the requirement to design buildings to meet dementia-design guidelines becoming as important as other requirements, including BREEAM.

Iridis is a research tool that offers a homeowner audit, a universal audit, a professional audit and a healthcare audit. It enables the sharing and spreading of the 11 dementia-inclusive design principles, which include signage, and assists with the collection of globally relevant and valuable information.

Iridis meets the growing demand for data-led evidence-based design. It enables people to undertake research and evidence-based assessments of environments beyond care homes and provides recommendations on design improvements to support people living with dementia.