Rutherford Cancer Centres

Proton Partners International is the first company in the UK to offer high-energy proton beam therapy. In 2017 the company opened the first of its Rutherford Cancer Centres with a head office in Newport, South Wales. Additional centres have since opened in Northumberland, Reading and Liverpool. Picto was invited to develop the wayfinding strategy for the new centres in 2016, delivering a turnkey solution that would both set the tone for the patient experience and differentiate Rutherford Cancer Centres from any other healthcare provider.

Working with:
Client: Proton Partners International
Architect: JDDK
Branding: OSP Healthcare

The project timeline:
November 2016: Invited to collaborate with JDDK as wayfinding specialists
March 2017: Internal signage installed at Newport Head Office
November 2017: External signage added at Newport Head Office
February 2018: Internal and external signage added at Northumberland Centre
Summer 2018: Reading, Thames Valley centre completed
Spring 2020: North West centre opened in Liverpool

Turnkey wayfinding solution door signage at Rutherford Cancer Centres
Bathroom signage with pictograms
External door signage on automatic doors

Careful consideration was given to the terminology used and to the placement of information within the centres to provide patients with added peace of mind.

Door signage
Turnkey wayfinding solution door signage
External signage at Rutherford Cancer Centres
External signage and wayfinding
External signage and wayfinding
LED illuminated external signage
LED illuminated external signage

What our client said:

“The opening of the Rutherford Cancer Centres across the country heralds a step change in the treatment of cancer in the UK. Our collaboration with Picto and JDDK has resulted in the highest quality wayfinding and signage, which reflects the advanced treatments we offer and our different locations across the country and, most importantly, works to inspire confidence, putting our patients at ease at all times.”

Kevin Dooley | Head of Marketing

Rutherford Cancer Centres

In November 2016 Picto was invited to work with architects JDDK and develop the internal and external wayfinding and signage for four of Proton Partners International’s new cancer treatment centres across the UK. Picto has a long and successful working relationship with JDDK across multiple sectors, including other specialist healthcare projects.

Rutherford Cancer Centres is our third specialist oncology project, with previous work at The Endeavour Unit at James Cook Hospital in Middlesborough and The Radiotherapy Centre at Colchester Hospital.

Delivering a wayfinding strategy and turnkey solution

Our brief for Proton Partners International was ‘to get the wayfinding right’ and to develop a signage scheme that would look ‘unlike that of any other healthcare provider – while creating a positive patient experience’.

The client was aware of the critical role that signage would play in each of their centres. To ensure our design would work within each location, we worked closely with each centre to develop a consistent approach that was both informative and helpful, while also being sensitive to the needs of patients and visitors.

Internal and external wayfinding builds brands

The Rutherford Cancer Centre head office in Newport is located in a refurbished building in a business park environment. A living wall softens its outline and enhances its exterior while high quality slimline LED illuminated signage helps visitors find the centre.

The Rutherford Cancer Centre in Northumberland has been newly built on its own dedicated site. Rutherford Cancer Centre Thames Valley, is located within the Thames Valley Science Park in association with Reading University. The North West Centre is in the heart of the Paddington Village development, part of Liverpool City Councils Knowledge Quarter.

Sensitive signage for a healthcare setting

All areas within the treatment centres are named, including those dedicated for use by clinicians and staff. This identification ensures that all medical processes are evident and transparent and that patients are informed of the movement of staff members at all times.

Colour combinations and modern manufacturing

Working with the brand guidelines, developed by OSP Healthcare and evolved over the first six months of our involvement, we worked with the marketing department to ensure colours worked across all media, including paint, direct to surface print and vinyl graphics. We prototyped a range of colour options, from which the combination of a white background with blue graphics and yellow luminescent detailing was selected.

Advanced treatment represented with a high quality finish

Proton Partners International is an ambitious organisation and is dedicated to transforming cancer care. Each of its Rutherford Cancer Centres is to offer proton beam therapy, LINAC, MRI and CT imaging and infusion treatments, including chemotherapy. To represent the advanced treatments on offer, we developed a signage scheme with both a high-quality feel and finish with DDA best practice built in as standard.